|Please listen to…| Lord of Shadows

|Please listen to…| Lord of Shadows


Hurts – Somebody to die for (Julian)

„Do you know why I’m sure? Because when this universe was born, when it blasted into existence in fire and glory, everything that would ever exist was created. Our souls are mad of that fire and glory, of the atoms of it, the fragments of stars. Everyone’s are, but I believe ours, yours and mine, are made from the dust of the same star. That’s why we’ve always been drawn to each other like magnets, all our lives. All the pieces of us belong together.“

I could drag you from the ocean,
I could pull you from the fire
And when you’re standing in the shadow
I could open up the sky

And I could give you my devotion
Until the end of time
And you will never be forgotten
With me at your side

Ruelle – Secrets and Lies (Julian)

“Those who are not faeries find comfort in lies. I cannot judge that.”

I know all your secrets
I know all your lies
I know where you keep ‚em
Buried deep inside
No, you can’t hide your secrets and lies

MIIA – Dynasty (Julian & Emma)

“You took my life apart and put it back together.”

A scar I can’t reverse
And the more it heals, the worse it hurts
Gave you every piece of me, no wonder it’s missing
Don’t know how to be so close to someone so distant

Kodaline – Brother (Ty & Kit, Mark & Julian)

„Tell me,“ Kit said. Tell me what you need. „Put your arms around me,“ said Ty. His hands were pale blue blurs in the air, as if Kit were looking at a time-lapsed photo. „Hold on to me.“

If I was dying on my knees
You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I’d give you my lungs so you could breathe

I’ve got you brother

Lena – Home (Julian & Emma)

Always Emma, the better, brighter half of him, who tempered his ruthlessness, who forced him to acknowledge the light when he saw only darkness.

Our heart goes on and on
Our heart beating like a drum
In the dark you made me strong
Like you’ve always done

I will carry you home
I will carry you home
You’re in my heart and in my bones
I will carry you home

Sia – Angel by the Wings (Emma)

She opened her eyes- closing them was cowardice, and the Carstairs were not cowards.

Oh so, your wounds they show
I know you have never felt so alone
But hold on, head up, be strong
Oh hold on, hold on until you hear them come
Here they come, oh

Take an angel by the wings
Beg her now for anything
Beg her now for one more day
Take an angel by the wings
Time to tell her everything
Ask her for the strength to stay

Riley Pearce – Brave (Kit & Ty)

“Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn’t feel anything.”

You called me, because I answered
So cover your toes with the jacket in your hands
And the bones with the blanket
She tells me that I will be alright
And for a seconds it feels that I believe it
‚Cause I forget the way that I’ve felt
I’m trying, I’m just trying to be BRAVE

SYML – Where’s my love (Malcolm & Annabelle)

Diamonds might be blinding in their beauty, but they were also the hardest and sharpest gems in the world. They could cut you or grind you down, smash and slice you apart. Malcolm, deranged with love, had not thought of that.

Cold bones. Yeah, that’s my love
She glides away, like a ghost
Does she know that we bleed the same?
Don’t wanna cry but I break that way
Cold sheets. Oh, where’s my love?
I am searching high, I’m searching low in the night.

One Republic – Let’s hurt tonight (Julian & Emma)

“I need to be whole again. Even if it doesn’t last.”
“It can’t last,” she said, staring at him, because how could it, when they could never keep what they had? “It’ll break our hearts.”
(…) “Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”

Oh I know that this love is pain
But we can’t cut it from out these veins, no
So I’ll hit the lights and you lock the doors
We ain’t leaving this room ‚til we bust the mold
Don’t walk away, don’t roll your eyes
They say love is pain, well darling, let’s hurt tonight


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