|Soundtrack| Lady Midnight

|Soundtrack| Lady Midnight


Hat Bristol – Bring me back to life (Julian)

“We all find out the people who are supposed to take care of us are human eventually. That they make mistakes.”

I’m breathing in
And breaking down
I feel my time is running out.
The fire in my heart
will burn me to the ground.

I did my part, I tried my best,
the things I’m fighting to protect
Always shatter into pieces in the end.

Oh I’m broken and I’m barely breathing.
I’m falling cuz my heart stopped beating.
If this is how it all goes down tonight
If this is how you bring me back to life…
This is what it’s like when we collide


Placebo  – My sweet prince (Mark und Kieran)

“There was beauty in the idea of freedom, but it was an illusion. Every human heart was chained by love.”

Never thought I’d have to retire
Never thought I’d have to abstain
Never thought all this could back fire
Close up the hole in my vain
Me and my valuable friend
can fix all the pain away
So before I end my day remember
My sweet prince you are the one


Rie Sinclair – No way out (Mark und Kieran)

She had wondered, when he’d looked into her eyes and said that he’d had to learn to make do without mirrors in the Wild Hunt, whose eyes he’d been looking into for all those years. Who’d been his mirror.
Now she knew.

Will time illuminate the stains
And stop the pain
The night you held me under a spell
You know I cannot hide
You’re the very thing unwinding me

No one ever will love me better than
Your everlasting love
I found only one way in and no way out


Digital Daggers – Head over Heels (Christina und Mark)

Mark Blackthorn had a divided heart.

I wanted to be with you alone
And talk about the weather
But traditions I can trace against the child in your face
Won’t escape my attention
You keep your distance with a system of touch
And gentle persuasion
I’m lost in admiration could I need you this much
Oh, you’re wasting my time
You’re just wasting time.


Florence and the machine – No light, no light (Emma und Julian)

“Emma,” he said, reaching for her hand. “I will never, never give up on you.”
It was a strange irony, she thought, a terrible irony that because she loved him so much and knew him so well, she knew exactly what she had to do to destroy everything he felt for her, in a single blow.
She pulled away from him and started back toward the house. “Yes,” she said. “You will.”

No light, no light in your bright blue eyes
I never knew daylight could be so violent
A revelation in the light of day
You can’t choose what stays and what fades away
And I’d do anything to make you stay
No light, no light, no light, tell me what you want me to say


The Gaslight Anthem – Get hurt (Christina und Diego)

„You broke my heart, Diego, you and your brother. I don’t know what’s worse, losing your best friend or losing the boy you’re in love with, bt I can tell you that it was like you both died for me that day. That’s why I don’t pick up your calls or messages. You don’t take calls from a dead boy.“

And I came to get hurt
Might as well do your worst to me.
Have you come here to get hurt?
Have you come to take away from me
From me, from me
Might as well do your worst to me.


Muse – Undisclosed Desires (Christina und Mark)

“You see, I do not want a body without a heart.”

I know you’ve suffered
But I don’t want you to hide
It’s cold and loveless
I won’t let you be denied

Soothing, I’ll make you feel pure
Trust me, you can be sure

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty’s not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart


Skillet – Whispers in the dark (Mark und Kieran)

“Keep this and perhaps remember me.“
Kieran’s hands tightened on the arrowhead, his knuckles whitening. „The stars will go out before I forget you, Mark Blackthorn.”

Despite the lies that you’re making
Your love is mine for the taking
My love is just waiting
To turn your tears to roses

I will be the one that’s gonna hold you
I will be the one that you run to
My love is a burning, consuming fire

No, you’ll never be alone
When darkness comes
I’ll light the night with stars
Hear my whispers in the dark


Ingrid Michaelson – Soldier (Mark)

“He will choose us,“ Julian said. „We are his family.“
Kieran’s eye shone. „I wouldn’t be so sure, young Shadowhunter. Those of the Hunt are loyal to the Hunt.“
„He isn’t of the Hunt,“ Emma said. „He is a Blackthorn.”

I don’t believe in anything but myself
I don’t believe in anything but myself
But then you opened up a door, you opened up a door
Now I start to believe in something else

But how do I know if I’ll make it through?
How do I know? Where’s the proof in you?

And so it goes, this soldier knows
The battle with the heart isn’t easily won

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