|Music Monday| Linger Soundtrack

|Music Monday| Linger Soundtrack

Zum dieswöchigen Music Monday gibt es nicht ein Lied, sondern meine neue Linger-Playlist. Ich habe versucht, zu jedem Lied den Link bei Youtube dazuzupacken, was aber bei manchen nicht funktioniert hat. Leider.

Aufgeteilt sind die Lieder in „Grace & Sam“ und „Isabel & Cole“

Grace & Sam

Dido „Honestly OK“ (Grace)

On a different day,
if I was safe in my own skin,
then I wouldn’t feel lost and so frightened.
But this is today and I’m lost in my own skin.

Florence and The Machine “Cosmic Love” (Grace)

I took the stars from our eyes, and then I made a map
And knew that somehow I could find my way back.
Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness, too,
So I stayed in the darkness with you.

Hana Pestle “Together Forever” (Beide)

Then the leaves fall
and snow comes
our hands warm the others.
I could not see anyone around me
as my eyes were cloudy…

Great Northern “Driveway” (Sam)

If you’re looking out your window
When you ride away
And you’re staring at the ceiling
To try and get away
You told us to decide what we want today, but i don’t know oh

Sarah Blasko “Perfect now” (Sam)

Living underneath this guilt
I can’t leave the house that I have built
Though I feel it sinking further everytime
And the weight of my mistakes
Means that everything I touch breaks
I don’t want to see you as the next in line

Isabel & Cole

The Hush Sound “You are the moon” (Beide)

Shadows all around you as you surface from the dark
Emerging from the gentle grip of night’s unfolding arms
Darkness, darkness everywhere, do you feel all alone?
The subtle grace of gravity, the heavy weight of stone

Three Days Grace “Over and Over” (Cole)

I feel it everyday it’s all the same
It brings me down but I’m the one to blame
I’ve tried everything to get away
So here I go again
Chasing you down again
Why do I do this?

Over and over, over and over
I fall for you
Over and over, over and over
I try not to

U2 “Miracle Drug” (Cole)

The songs are in your eyes
I see them when you smile
I’ve had enough of romantic love
I’d give it up, yeah, I’d give it up
For a miracle, a miracle drug, a miracle drug

Safety Suit “What if” (Cole)

What if what I want makes you sad at me?
And is it all my fault or can I fix it please?
Cause you know that I’m always all for you
Cause you know that I’m always all for you

And if this be our last conversation
If this be the last time that we speak for awhile
Don’t lose hope and don’t let go

The Notwist “Consequence” (Isabel)

You’re the colour,
you’re the movement and the spin.
Could it stay with me the whole day long
Fail with consequence, lose with eloquence
and smile.

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