|31 Tage – 31 Bücher| Tag 9: Mein Lieblingszitat

|31 Tage – 31 Bücher| Tag 9: Mein Lieblingszitat

Mein Lieblingszitat stammt aus „K-PAX“ von Gene Brewer. Ein wirklich sehr sehr tolles Buch, das ich leider viel zu wenig anpreise.

Every mistake you make, you will live through again, & again, forever. So my advice to you is to get it right this time around. Because this time is all you have.

Self-assured, wisecracking prot, who seems to possess arcane knowledge of subjects ranging from astronomy to paleontology, announces that he will return to K-PAX on August 17, just two months away. Before then, though, he enlists fellow patients in his fantasy; some of them, touched by his humanity, show marked improvement. Moreover, when Brewer invites prot home for a July Fourth barbecue, the man’s mere presence seems to trigger dramatic changes in the psychiatrist’s family. Brewer’s daughter confesses that she’s a lesbian, while his son, a pilot, divulges his deep-seated fear of flying, and switches careers. Aided by Giselle, a sleuthing reporter whose mawkish crush on prot strikes one of the few false notes here, Brewer finally brings out the repressed personality of a man scarred by trauma.

Und wer das Buch nicht lesen will, hier der Trailer zum Film:

6 Gedanken zu “|31 Tage – 31 Bücher| Tag 9: Mein Lieblingszitat

    1. Mittlerweile gibt es 4 Bände, hab aber bisher nur Band 1 und 2 gelesen, weil ich Angst hab, dass mir der Rest meine Geschichte versaut. ^^

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