|Weekly Events| #3

|Weekly Events| #3

Die dieswöchige Aufgabe lautet wie folgt:

Stellt einen Satz oder einen Text zusammen, in dem ihr so viele Buchtitel wie möglich unterbringt.

Irgendwie ist mein Text ein wenig traurig geraten (Ich sollte mir Gedanken über meinen Gemütszustand machen…) und außerdem leider auf englisch, da ich feststellen musste, dass ich mittlerweile mehr englische als deutsche Bücher besitze.

The day my little brother Lucian died I felt like I was catching fire. My fury was an untamed beast inside me. I felt betrayed by life and tears burned behind my eyelids, but wouldn’t fall. When we buried him on a winter’s day I shivered in the cold wind. It was like I felt the Kiss of Death on my own skin. Day by day I would linger by his grave and feel soulless. I even got a frost bite, but I wouldn’t leave him. The started to call me the Zombie Queen of Newbury High, because it seemed like I had died with him. But after some time, when spring started to wake, I felt the need to live again. I remembered how his eyes glittered like stars when he saw the first butterflys land on the newly grown flowers on the meadow behind our house. He had had more than thirteen reasons why to live and so did I. I knew the memories of him would never fade, but if I stayed I would never find my way back to normal life again. “Thank you for the memories”, I mumbeled and left this city of bones to enter my life without my little brother.

Verwendete Titel:

  • Cory Doctorow „Little Brother“
  • Suzanne Collins „Catching Fire“
  • P. C. Cast „Untamed“ + „Betrayed“ + „Burned“
  • Rachel Caine „Kiss of Death“
  • Maggie Stiefvater „Shiver“ + „Linger“
  • Gail Canniger „Soulless“
  • Richelle Mead „Frost Bite“
  • Amanda Ashby „Zombie Queen of Newbury High“
  • Lisa McMann „Wake“ + „Fade“
  • Carrie Jones „Need“
  • Lisa Mantche „Eyes like stars“
  • Jay Asher „Thirteen reasons why“
  • Gayle Forman „If I stay“
  • Cecelia Ahern „Thank you for the memories“
  • Cassandra Clare „City of Bones“
  • Isabel Abedi „Lucian“

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